How to turn your expertise into a 6-figure business with webinar funnels.


If you sell your expertise (digital products, courses, coaching) and you don’t have a webinar funnel, you are leaving money on the table.

Building the perfect webinar is a bit of art and science.

Businesses across ALL industries are using webinars to turn cold leads into paying customers.

Once you have practiced your webinar presentation enough live, you can turn your webinar into an automated webinar that promotes your program 24/7.

To create the perfect webinar and get the best results, follow these simple steps:

  • Write webinar outline

  • Create webinar slides

  • Write Facebook ad content

  • Write registration page content

  • Write webinar email sequence

  • Create order form page

  • Hook up order form page to shopping cart

  • Don’t forget to tag subscribers in your EMS

Webinars are online presentations that run for 60-90 minutes.

The very first step for a prospect when they enter your webinar funnel is an ad, or a link to your registration page from within an email.

The ad will take them to a page that asks them for their email address. It doesn’t ask for anything else except an email address.

This page has to get people to take notice and when you’re trying to get people to register for your webinar, you want people to take notice quickly.   

The National Enquirer does this brilliantly.

Here’s an example:


Every single headline is brilliantly pulling you towards it in order to read it.

Online marketing and advertising are no different. You have to know how to get someone to stop what they are doing and click.

The ad below says “Get more traffic with Pinterest” That grabs attention.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.07.58.png

The post below doesn’t look like an ad. It looks like a Facebook post I might read while scrolling.

In the copy she talks about the “secrets” she will reveal during her workshop. Finally she lures you with a great graphic that has a strong headline that really calls out at the reader.

Ultimately the ad headline is: Online Workshop - Close clients with a proposal THEY pay for.  


After clicking on your ad, your lead hits your webinar registration page.

Set up your webinar registration page

Now that you’ve created some ads, it’s time to create and publish a webinar registration page.

This registration page has two jobs - to create curiosity and ask for an email address. Your headline has to create so much curiosity that the reader is HOOKED and signs up immediately.

Your goal is to get them believe in one thing. The entire webinar method below is made up of many steps but through the presentation you are trying to get your audience to wrap their head around is a new singular idea.

As Jason Fladlien said, (this guy has sold over 100 million with webinars) “the idea is to have a single point of belief, that your message is built around and is emphasized over and over again from different angles.”

To get your audience thinking about that one main goal, you’ve got to hook them on it right here at the webinar registration page.

One of the best ways to create a hook that lures readers in is by using a copywriting formula like this:

How to ______ without ______.


The Secret to ______ without _______.

Here’s a webinar headline to show you how you can craft your own:

How to get 100,000 email subscribers in six months without spending a dime on paid advertising.

Below are two examples of webinar registration pages that are converting at a million dollars a year or more.


Next up….

Thank you page

After subscribing to the webinar, send the subscriber to a thank you page that doubles as a sales page for a low cost offer (self-liquidating offer). This low cost offer offsets your ad spend. That means you get leads for free if enough people purchase. $

When creating a thank you page it’s good to create a thank you video of you talking about your excitement for the webinar. They need to feel your passion or they won't show up.

Below the video talk about this one thing you’re selling for a low price of X. Tell them it’s available here on this page right now at a low cost for action takers. If they close this page the offer goes back up to its standard price.

The price of this offer is between $7 - $49 dollars.

Here’s an example of a SLO page from a known course creator.


The webinar communication funnel

It's time to set up your email marketing sequence so when someone registers for your webinar, they will receive a series of emails with information they need to know.

This sequence starts right away and continues up until several days after the webinar as this is the time the most sales are generated.

Typically a webinar communication funnel has the following automated emails that go out BEFORE the webinar:

Webinar confirmation email - sent immediately

Webinar reminder email #1  - can be sent 24 hours before or same day

Webinar reminder email #2 - we’re starting in one hour reminder

Webinar reminder email #3 - we’re starting now reminder

Present webinar live

Webinars on Thursday are great to allow for early promotion. The day of the webinar matters less as the pre-webinar indoctrination series, the perfect webinar script, and the follow-up sequences.

Things to keep in mind for the actual webinar:

Approx 90 min total duration - 1st 60 min = breaking & rebuilding false Belief patterns (hardest part to get right)

Core teaching is identifying the false belief patterns - done right = easy sell, done wrong = struggle (read the Perfect Webinar section a dozen times until ‘belief patterns’ is mastered)

Last 30 min = pitch - deliver with stack & add in closes

After 90 min spend 15-30 min on Q&A (closing between each question)

Best time of day to present will depend on your particular audience
Various software - each have pros & cons (WebinarJam, Go To Webinar) - figure out what’s best for you.

Typically about 25% of registrants show up - if less, focus more on indoctrination/reminders before webinar.

Transition from content to pitch - check how many are still on & base closing stats on that number (eg- 250 people still on when pitch begins and you typically close 15% = $37 500).

Here’s a breakdown of how this all works up until now.

After the webinar you can expect most of your sales to come through so you need to ramp up your communication to your subscribers and focus on urgency. I can’t stress this enough, the money is in the follow-up! That means you need to push hard after the webinar to get sales.

A million dollar webinar communication funnel for AFTER a webinar looks like this:

Replay email #1 - sent a few hours after the webinar

Replay email #2 - sent the next day and includes the replay and cliff notes

Replay email #3 - sent 2 days after webinar and includes replay link + cliff notes and a lot of scarcity

Replay email #4 - sent 3 days after webinar - this email focuses on urgency and scarcity as it’s the last day to buy.

As soon as webinar is over, shift focus to replay campaign.

Focus is on urgency & scarcity - that’s what gets people to take action.

Fri/Sat/Sun - follow up emails inc webinar replay link.

1st day - talk about great response on live call, tell them the can watch the replay if quick/ when the cart closes replay disappears.

Optional - send PDF/slides - summary of what was covered - appeals to visual learners and those without 90min free to watch. Remind them cart closes Sunday.

On the last day send a couple of emails/reminder cart closing at midnight & recap why they should buy.

If the subscriber signed up for the webinar but didn’t buy, you can send them into another follow up funnel to down sell them on another offer.

Perhaps you pull out the first few lessons from the course and offer it at a reduced price. The choice is yours.


REPEAT...again & again & don’t give up

Monday morning start again/repeat the process.

Keep fine tuning and don’t give up if you get disappointing results.

The ideal is to fine tune to the point where you have the perfect presentation that sells.

If you get amazing restults early on, do not try to automate. This is one of the biggest mistakes. Instead, keep at it to refine and master your pitch.

When you run live webinars you get an opportunity to hear new objections and cover them. Your process is perfected and predictable.

Want to build out your very first webinar funnel to promote your high-ticket program or course? Get in touch with us today! We love building course funnels and membership sites and helping course creators create impact. l


11 Methods To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle

So tell me if this sounds like you.

You’re blogging, you’re Facebooking, you’re Twittering.

You’ve finally put up that fancy, dancy photo of your freakishly beautiful mug (seriously girl, I’m jealous) and you’ve updated all of your profiles on EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE IN EXISTENCE to let the world know that you’re open for business.

Your deets are dutifully being fired off by Hootsuite every hour on the hour. You’ve got the deal of the century up on your page.

And frankly?

You've got more expertise in your little toe than the top twenty Business Owners on Fancy Hands put together. But something strange is happening.

Each day, you’re looking at your numbers, you’re looking at your email… And you might as well have done nothing because you’re not getting any new leads and no one is taking advantage of your deal-of-the-century and it’s SO I-need-a-new-bottle-o’-vino frustrating that you’re starting to wonder why you even started this business in this first place.

You KNOW what your clients want. You know EX-FREAKING-ACTLY how to solve their problems.

But they’re not biting.

It’s not like you’re in the wrong market because some other Business Owners are just raking it in. And it’s hard not be jealous or resentful or even just plain old bitter when you’re just as good as Suzy down the block.

Maybe even better because SHE wasn’t the one who prepared the business plan of the century from two ketchup-covered napkins, and a five minute conversation with Tom-the-Forgetful-Yet-Somehow-I-Got-A-Law-Degree-Lawyer before lunch about the direction he wanted his company to go.

Okay. So what’s happening? How can you be awesome all over the freakin’ place (because you’re a Business Owner and we both know that Online Businesses RUN. THE. ONLINE. WORLD.) and yet have NO NEW CLIENTS? Here’s something that may surprise you.

You’re not getting any new leads, prospects or clients because YOU’RE NOT HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH ANYONE.

You’re waiting to be discovered, instead of politely pushing your way in and solving your would-be clients problems for them before they even knew there was an issue. You’re not using social media for what it is -- a tool to be SOCIAL. Not a place to shout from the rooftops about what your own offerings are.

So here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m going to give you a list of all the methods you can use to get more clients.

And you’re going to be a good student and use them to go out and TALK to your leads. It’s a lot scarier than just putting your offer out into the ether and hoping that someone bites, but it’s also a hell of a lot more effective.

So here’s the list. (If you’re still struggling, at the very end there are some ideas about how to implement the methods.)

11 Methods To Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I built up my online business using only a LinkedIn profile for an entire year. In short, it’s all about optimizing your profile for the keywords that your prospects are searching for, and then becoming active in a helpful (i.e. non-salesy) way in relevant groups or communities where your audience is hanging out.

If you haven’t read my post about how to use LinkedIn to find new clients, you should check it out  here for more detail.


I love Twitter because it’s like one big cocktail party where you can have a conversation with anyone about anything that floats your boat. Too many people use it as a sounding board for their businesses without actually adding any value to their feed.

As a general guideline, I would spend at least 3x as much time on talking with people you want to connect to and actively helping them with their problems rather than promoting your own stuff.

Some of your most lucrative clients can come from Twitter if you do this. If you’re involved in their lives and space, you’re going to be the first person they think of when they need to get their email campaigns managed or all of their itineraries scheduled.

Start by searching through relevant hashtags to your business, and following people that are doing what you do or who you want to work for. Then help them with their questions, provide useful connections or link, and just generally be completely awesome.

I’ve also written a more detailed guide about using twitter in this post.

Contact Past Clients For More Work Or Referrals

Have you let the connections to your past clients go cold? At least once a month, you should be checking in so that you stay in the forefront of their mind. You should be doing this when you don’t need work so that you can always call upon your relationship with them down the line without it making you look like a weirdo.

For a quick check-in (i.e. when you’re NOT looking for more work), it might be something as simple as sending them a link to a new article that you think that they would find useful. For more work, take a look at where your past client is at now and what you’ve done for them in the past.

Send them a message saying something like, “Hey Ms. Smith, I was thinking back to when we worked on PROJECT A AND B and how rewarding that was.

I’ve noticed that you’ve been able to get more [SPECIFIC RESULTS] because of that, which is great! Kudos! I’ve analyzed your current campaign and I think the next step might be to do C and D, which would lead to [SPECIFIC RESULT].

I’ve attached an outline here, which I could get started on ASAP. Would you be interested in that?”

The key here is to be proactive in thinking up ways that you could help them instead of just asking if they need anything, which they could easily say no to. Since you’ve worked with them before, you should have a fairly good idea of ways that you might be able to help them move forward.

If you do this, one of two things will happen.

Number one, they’ll be so impressed with you that they’ll hire you back on the spot for the project you suggested. Number two, they might not be ready for a new project just yet, but they’re sure as heck going to appreciate you being so proactive about it.

You’re going to be on their mind for when they DO need your work again, which is why it’s so important not to let these relationships go cold.

Team Up With Someone

I know, I know, you’re amazing at just about everything these days (quit rubbing it in.) Though if you’ve taken my advice, you’ve niched yourself up by now instead of targeting just about everyone.

The fact remains though that there is probably something that you’re just not good at or that you can do if pressed but that you don’t like to do.

Maybe you’re super social and love chatting to new people but hate categorizing all of that information into easy-to-digest documents. Maybe you love to handle client’s social media but CSS stumps you and you don’t know how to customize their wordpress site.

Take a look at some of your competition and figure out how you could complement what they’re offering. Do they already have a client that they’re working with but they don’t like handling MailChimp whereas that’s right up your alley?

If you find the right person, the two of you may just be able to land a client or two that you wouldn’t have been able (or wouldn’t have wanted) to do on your own. Look for people to partner up with on places like LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the groups that you should already be a part of.

Google “I Need Help With X” Or “How Do I Do Y?”

Not everyone uses Twitter or LinkedIn to post about their problems. Googling what you offer as if you were searching for help on it will reveal to you the places where your target audience is asking about their problems or getting solutions.

You may just find a new forum or a new client that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. This is also really useful in getting you to think about problems that may not have crossed your mind.

Like maybe you think that using X piece of software is a non-issue but it turns out that there are a fair number of people in your chosen niche who just cannot figure it out.

Now you know that and can tailor your offerings/messages/helpful-blog-posts (hint hint) accordingly.

Send Some Old-Fashioned Snail Mail

Maybe you specialize in creating legal documents. Take a look at all the lawyers in your city, state, province or wherever you live. Send the ones that interest you a fancy letter with an intriguing offer in it.

Really do your homework (like in all these other methods) and come up with an offer that could help them with their business. Be really personal and specific and come up with an individual proposal about how you could help them. Make sure to mention the specific results that your work would get them.

You could do this via email too, but some prospects may respond better to an actual letter. Maybe not the entrepreneurial guy who’s created ten websites in the last year. But that dentist hoping to get online but who just hasn’t had the time? He would probably love a personal letter from you solving all of his burning pains.

Talk To Your Friends And Family

I mean, like, don’t be a you-know-what about it. But tell those that you love and trust that you’re looking for new clients. Tell them in simple language exactly who you’re hoping to help and ask if they know anyone.

A lot of people don’t ask their friends or family for help, especially when most people they know work in completely different fields. But think about how many people YOU know that do radically different things.

Your friends and family probably have all sorts of connections that you can’t even conceive of. And they have the added bonus of actually wanting to see you succeed. Talk to them, get suggestions from them, and utilize their networks. It may just lead to your biggest client of the year.

When People Decline Your Offers, Ask Why.

Maybe you think that you have the deal of the century, but it just doesn’t seem to be resonating with anyone. If you’re not asking WHY your prospects aren’t buying then you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle that could help you figure out what to do next.

Next time you offer someone something specific that you’ve done your homework on but they’re not interested, ask them why. Be polite and respect their decision, obviously. But just figure out what isn’t working for them.

It may just be a budget or time-sensitive thing, or it may be that you’ve missed the mark entirely. Better to know this now than wasting time sending the same offer to multiple leads and getting shot down without knowing why.

Guest Post

Where do your clients get their news? Who are they all reading? Where do they go to for help or information or even just their entertainment of the day?

 If you’re doing your job right, you should be able to list 5 or 6 places right off the bat. If you’re not sure, look at the sites that all of your prospects talk about, tweet about, share, and so on. Look at the experts in your field, the ones that everyone is talking about.

Then make an offer to the relevant site to do a guest post. Do all the work upfront for this person too, just like you would if they were a prospective client.

Really study their site, see what gets the most shares, and then cross-reference that with what you know would be useful to their audience but which they haven’t covered yet.

Send them a message or email telling them what you admire about their site, and offering to do a guest post on A, B, or C. Make sure to tell them how helpful it would be for their audience (and be SPECIFIC).

If they agree, great! Write them an amazing post, and then make sure that it links back to your website, offering, etc. If you want to be super fancy (hint: you do), then you should make the page that it links back to extra special.

For example, “Hey Readers of BLANK! Happy to have you here! If you liked my post on BLANK, then you’re going to love A, B, and C.” Overall, guest posting is a great way to get your name out in front of a whole bunch of new people, get substantial traffic, and add credibility to your brand.

Give Something Away For Free

It’s controversial in the business world whether or not you should ever work for free. That said, the entire online business world is based upon this model. Think about it. How many sites have you signed up to because of some amazing eBook that they’ve offered up front?

Giving something away for free lets your prospects get to know you in a non-risk way for them, and then primes them to make a purchase later on. Make up a free guide helping your prospects with an issue that comes up over and over again.

Offer a few free 30-minute strategy sessions, with the deal being that you get to analyze their problems and post a detailed how-to guide for everyone later on. When people see that you can solve their problems, they’ll be stumbling over one another to pay you.

All of these make sense? I know that I’ve listed quite a few different strategies.

So here’s what I recommend you do to get the most value out of this list:

Pick the 1 - 3 recommendations that resonate with you the most.

Comb those 3 sites/areas to explore for anything and everything that could be a lead, and list them all. So if you picked LinkedIn, you’re going to bookmark all of the networking groups for coaches or entrepreneurs (or whoever you’re targeting), the clients that you would love to have, the top online business owners in your field (what are they doing that you could also be doing), and so on.

Brainstorm implementable strategies of ways that you could add INCREDIBLE value to your entire network (so, not specific people) WITHOUT the expectation of a sale.

What does this mean?

For LinkedIn, this might mean that every day you set aside 30 minutes to take a quick look through the various groups that you’re in. Is someone asking a question that you could help with? Is there a question that comes up OVER AND OVER again that is directly related to your field of expertise? Answer that question.

Add INCREDIBLE value to the specific prospects you’ve found via whichever method and want to work with by stalking them like a mofo and figuring out where their biggest pain points are.

Then make them a personalized solution upfront and message/email/snail-mail/skywrite them with that. They’ll LOVE you for it.

As always, I just love to hear from you about how this advice has helped you (it sustains my ego, yo’).

So tell me!

What are you doing to find clients for your online business that's not listed here? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


Blog Post Ideas That Will Fill Your Client List

You have a website, you have some testimonials, you have a list of services that you enjoy doing and know how much you want to charge, but now you need to fill your client list.

One of the best ways to fill your client list is to start blogging and from what I know about most of the new online business owners out there is they have no idea what to blog about.

This Post Will Help You Generate The Ideas That Are Right In Front Of You.

First, let's talk about the format of a blog post. Remember to keep it simple, include plenty of white space. You may have to break up paragraphs in places that you don't feel comfortable doing so, but it's all about readability and not correct format like in a college or school paper.

In addition, include pictures that are relevant to the blog post, and always fill in the "alt" information for the picture.

Use plenty of bullet points, headlines, h1 and h2 headers and disperse keywords within the first 100 words and if possible in each paragraph. But, remember to keep it natural with keywords.

Your first concern should be whether or not your blog post is interesting, engaging, targeted and readable to your target audience.

It can also be difficult to figure out what to blog about sometimes.

Let's go over a few things that you any virtual professional business owner can blog about to promote your virtual online business.

Blog About Your Services

Blog about each of the service you provide so that your client base will understand what these services entail. Remember to focus each blog on one service and the benefits it provides potential clients in each blog post. In fact, all your blog posts should be short, sweet and to the point focusing on one specific topic at a time.

Blog About Problems

You know your ideal client well and what issues and problems they have, therefore if you blog about these problems and then mention your service as a solution you'll find your ideal client organically.

If you can show how you understand your target audience's problems, fears and concerns and that you know how to solve them, people will seek you out as the expert.

Eventually, you may even receive questions in your email, use those as bogging material. Until then, makeup questions that your ideal client might ask you.

Blog About Successes

Did you solve something for a client, and is the client willing to talk about it? Interview them on Google Hangout or Skype and post it as a vlog to your blog. Seeing satisfied clients rave about your work and how you solved their problems can bring you many virtual business clients. Put the audio and video up, as well as a transcript of the interview for a double whammy.

Blog About How To Work With You

Blogging about how working with a virtual professional business works is a good way to educate those who don't know how it all works.

Some people still have a lot of time envisioning how you can do work for someone, whether it's coaching, providing a service, or even a product without having a bricks and mortar space.  

They may be confused about the technology that enables you to work virtually. Remember, not all your clients have to work virtually. There are plenty of bricks and mortar businesses that need you too.

By including these topics in your blog posts, you'll go far in filling your client list.

But remember, once you post a blog you're not done. You need to promote that blog post across all your social media marketing accounts plus send the announcement of a new blog post to your email list if you have one.

Ask people to share it, and help you get the word out. Don't underestimate the power of the ask. A simple, hey, could you please RT this post/share this via Facebook goes a long way.

Online Business + Motherhood = Lunacy & Here's Why

Just in case you didn't know, I have 4 kids and I run a online business and I train women (and some awesome dudes) how to create and run a profitable online business. But here's something you don't know.

There are mornings where I just can't get my shit together because something like this happened: 

  • I peed my bed (not me, my kid)

  • I dreamt that a cat scratched me in the face and then I fell in a pool of water

  • There's a mosquito in my room

I Can't Make This Stuff Up.

By the time my headache subsides and I've finished cleaning up the kitchen after the daily breakfast ritual I'm ready to work.

By 10 am I need to start thinking about what lunch my four hungry little people are going to eat once they get home from school.

So I start cooking and cleaning and before you know it, it's close to 12 pm and I have an hour and fifteen minutes before I need to leave to get the kids. That gives me just enough time to write a few emails, maybe get a blog post written and fold the laundry that's been sitting on my floor for a week.

Once my kids are home there is absolutely zero chance of me doing anything that is remotely close to getting work done. Because the moment I pick up my phone or sit down at my computer, my kids are all up in my face "mommy, mommy, HI!".  And let's not forget all the homework. I swear,  helping my kids with their homework in Hebrew will be the death of me.

So for those of you that think that it's easy for me to run my two businesses, let this be a wake-up call for you that there are days that I can barely get anything done. There are days where I literally don't get dressed and forget to brush my teeth. 

There are days where I run around like a soccer mom, from a dentist appointment to swimming lessons, to parent teachers meetings. Oh, and did I mention I'm a PTA member? 

So if you're feeling overwhelmed and feeling like a failure because you've accomplished very little this week or even this month, join the club! And then, stop that. There will be times where your home and family need you more than work.

Adjust for that and don't beat yourself up. G-d knows we are our own worst critic and I am here to tell you that you're doing a damn good job.

Must Have Software For New Business Owners Part II

My community showed their appreciation for my blog post "Must Have Software For New Business Owners ". I decided to create a part II and list even more software that I use and recommend for online business owners. Get to know the following programs if you don’t already. 


I swear by Squarespace. It's the website builder I use for my two businesses and I recommend Squarespace to my clients. I am a Squarespace Circle Member and after years of working solely with WordPress, I swear by Squarespace for most online businesses. With Squarespace, you can build a stunning website in a weekend, not weeks and months like other website builders. Squarespace makes it possible for anyone to build their own website. It's so easy, your grandma could do it. 


Most business owners need a way to collect email subscribers so they can market their services or products via email. I recommend ConvertKit to all of my clients, and I use ConvertKit for my business too. If you're considering adding email marketing support as one of your services, I highly recommend signing up to ConvertKit to learn the software well.  Whenever you sign up a client that needs ConvertKit support, have them sign up to ConvertKit using an affiliate link to make passive income. 


Let's say you have to book a call with 5 people and they are in different time zones. With Doodle you create a poll and offer several different time/date options that the participants choose which options work best for them. At the end of the poll, the poll creator picks a final option based on the results. No more going back and forth hoping to find a suitable time. Doodle is a time saver. 

Time and Date Meeting Planner

I refer to this at least 10 times a month. If I have a conference call with a prospect and they are based in Victoria, Australia and I'm halfway across the world, I need to know what time zone they are in. With this tool, I just plop in their city, my city and it shoots back times that make sense for a call.

Quickbooks Self Employed

Once you start working with clients, you'll need to track to your payments so you know what your tax requirements are. If you're working with a few clients, tracking manually on a spreadsheet is enough. But when you start working with more than 3 clients, you'll need to upgrade to an accounting software that keeps everything organized for you and your accountant. Making sure you know how much you owe for taxes becomes stress-free with Quickbooks Self Employed. I know what my tax requirements are at each quarter because Quickbooks shows me how much I owe. I put money to the side and never get caught off guard when tax season comes around. 


Online Business Owners need support. With Fiverr, get help on a project you're working on and pay $5. I just recently hired someone in Vietnam to take my architectural drawings of the house I'm building and turn it into a 3D drawing. I paid $35 when it would have cost me hundreds elsewhere. The way people make money on Fiverr is by stacking their offering with additional value and charging an additional fee for the original $5 service. So for example, I might be able to hire someone to record a short video for my home page for $5. For another $10 they will add custom music for me. You can use Fiverr to get a logo designed, or some excel spreadsheet project that you need done for a client. Whatever you can think of, someone is offering it as a service on Fiverr. 

Do you have any more software tools to add to the list?

Thanks for reading and please do leave a comment below, I love hearing from each and every one of you.

xx Reese

Must Have Software For New Business Owners

When considering becoming a online business owner, one thing that comes to mind is "will I need to learn new software?". The answer is yes and no. The good news is you can start your online business right now and not have to learn a ton of new software. 

Below is my short-list of must-have online tools to make the most of your working relationship with your clients.


GSuite is by far one of my favorite online tools and is the most important online set of tools for any online business owner. For those of you who don’t know, GSuite is a web-based office suite (like Microsoft Suite just in the cloud). All you need to get started with GSuite is a Gmail account. I use Google Docs for document creation, spreadsheets, internet forms and presentations (like PowerPoint). You won’t ever have to “save” another document/spreadsheet/presentation for your client, simply send an email saying “changes have been made!".


Whenever I have a conference call or video call with a prospect or client, I use Zoom. Zoom is free for calls up to 40 minutes in length. After 40 minutes, you'll be cut of mid-sentence or you can upgrade to their paid account to get unlimited time.  Zoom is an excellent free service for video conference, webinars, or online training (ability to share your screen). 


Asana is a project management system that keeps me organized so I know what projects are happening and what tasks I need to complete each week. It has a beautiful interface and allows me to delegate tasks and assign a due date easily. I get email reminders when tasks are due or completed. Without Asana my business would be a hot mess. I can add my clients to my projects as well as team members. 


The first thing you need when you build your virtual assistant business is a CRM (customer relationship management) system to help you keep track of prospects and clients. With Dubsado I can see every detail about every conversation with a prospect and client. I can time my work, send invoices and build out automation, so that I can spend less time emailing prospects and clients and more time on billable tasks! 


With Canva anyone can be a designer. Want to design a business card for free? Canva can do that. Want to create a beautiful banner for your Facebook business page? Yep, Canva can help with that. Design anything for free and make people think you hired a designer. 

Acuity Scheduling

A long time ago if I wanted to schedule a call with a prospect we would go back and forth to find the perfect time. With Acuity, I just send them a link to my schedule, they pick the time that works for them based on my availability, confirm their appointment, and Acuity sends them a calendar invite with all the links and information they need to show up to our call ready to hit the ground running. Acuity also adds the appointment to my calendar automatically so I don't need to do a thing except show up for the call! 

Creative Market

Whenever I need a ready-made logo or some awesome fonts or stock photos for client work, I turn to Creative Market. It's like the most beautiful virtual marketplace for all things creative. Beware, it's addictive! 

I’d LOVE to know what online tools you use for your online business! How does this particular software save you time and increase your earning potential?

I can’t wait to hear from you.




Digital Marketers Tools of the Trade: The Short List

How would you like a list of free online tools to help boost your productivity and your revenue.   Below is a short-list of my must have online tools that I use on a daily basis with my clients.

Dropbox - Dropbox is a virtual storage utility that enables you to store any digital file locally and in the cloud so you can access it anywhere.   All you need to do is download the software and install it.